The iconic mid-size sedan Toyota Camry near Natchitoches LA

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The iconic mid-size sedan Toyota Camry near Natchitoches LA

Yokem Toyota – The iconic mid-size sedan Toyota Camry near Natchitoches LA

The Camry continues to be an iconic mid-size sedan. It’s one of those models that keep sedans relevant and popular in America. If you’re exploring this model at Yokem Toyota, these three facts might make up your mind for you.

1. Creative, premium exterior colors make for an exciting new Toyota Camry Hybrid in Shreveport. Color is by far one of the most important factors in choosing a new vehicle. If your favorite model doesn’t come in your favorite color – or your new favorite color – it’s not right for you. That’s why Toyota offers a deep color lineup for the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid. There are monotones like Calvary Blue and two-tone colors like Wind Chill Pearl with a Midnight Black roof.

2. A new Hybrid Energy Monitor is helpful to drivers who want the full hybrid experience. Your touchscreen has a very important tracking app called the Hybrid Energy monitor. Why just buy a hybrid when you can learn more about the power behind it? This model helps you know your driving habits better so that you can get the greatest efficiency out of the Camry Hybrid. The model’s 7-inch color multi-information display is especially good this year, too. With turn-by-turn directions and other stats placed right in front of the driver in a vibrant design, this is a fun and easy car to drive.

3. You won’t find a more comfortable seat design in this class. The Camry Hybrid has seats crafted with a herringbone seat pattern and one of the most comfortable designs in the industry. Leather-trimmed seats are only part of what the Camry Hybrid offers. It also has a general design that’s built for the human body and its ultimate comfort. Even the headrests are made to keep you stable and unfatigued. Adjustment in the latest Camry hybrid is also easy. With power adjustment and perfectly placed seating controls, you’ve got instant customization tailored to you.

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