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Current Open Positions

Collision Center Repair Technician

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Provides automotive repairs related to removal/replacement/repair and preparation of damaged
components and aligns vehicle frames/uni-body components to manufacture specifications, and works
within manufacturer and industry established quality and time standards. Complies with manufacturer and
dealer safety and environmental programs and practices.
Reports To: Collision Center Manager/Director or Team Leader


Achieving High Standards
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Works with Collision Center management to develop and achieve challenging individual goals for
production and quality work.
 Road tests vehicles to ensure repairs are completed properly.
 Completes repair assignments correctly to pass quality inspections, preparation standards for
painting department, and per agreed upon estimate.
 Collects all necessary information before requesting additional parts.
 Protects customer’s vehicles at all times and specifically avoids storing parts or equipment in it.
 Takes all reasonable means to protect customer’s vehicles while on dealership property to ensure
that rain and dust does not enter it.
 Meet or exceed productivity goals and fix-it-right objectives.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Notifies manager or shop foreman promptly when undiscovered damage or other delays occur.
 Actively participate in Toyota career training to include on-line training as well as instructor led
training to enhance job skills.
 Maintains cleanliness of the customer’s vehicle.
 Submits all claims promptly.
Working Effectively With Others
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Promotes a productive working relationship with others.
 Actively listens to concerns; takes action to respond to others’ needs.
 Speaks clearly, concisely, and effectively.
 Has an approachable style; fosters open communication through active listening.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Assists estimators and service advisors as necessary to explain repairs to customers or
determine estimates.
 Assists other technicians when requested.
Handling Pressure
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Successfully performs overlapping tasks or jobs.
 Listens to and supports new ideas and approaches; adapts to change quickly.
 Maintains composure when faced with multiple demands.
 Meets or exceeds flat rate time allowances.
 Effectively handles and implements changes in Collision Center Department.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Effectively handles and implements changes in the Collision Center.
Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need.
Managing Complexity
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Prioritizes work to meet demands and customer needs; plans ahead to complete work in allotted
time frames.
 Makes decisions regarding repair options; asks for assistance if necessary.
 Completes repair orders within specified time frame, foresees delays and alerts appropriate
personnel promptly.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Takes necessary steps to minimize time spent waiting for parts, add-on or authorizations, etc.
 Coordinates with body shop parts counterperson to ensure parts are available to complete repair
in time allotted.
Understanding and Using Business Knowledge
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Performs preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs on dealership tools and equipment;
ensures facility is clean and organized at all times.
 Performs factory warranty repairs according to established procedures.
 Follows all hazardous waste and OSHA safety regulations and company policies.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Stays up-to-date on the latest technical services through training, vendors, etc.
Applying the Basics
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Reviews and evaluates service write-up to determine if additional information is necessary and
what type of diagnosis is needed.
 Properly disposes of used parts and returns unused parts to the counterperson.
 Uses manuals including diagrams as necessary to complete repairs.
 Access and provide to technicians, applicable Toyota Information System procedures for Toyota
vehicles and appropriate manufacturer information for non-Toyota vehicles.
 Completes time ticket correctly.
 Returns special tools and reference materials to their designated locations.
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
 Follows safety rules and regulations.
 Completes warranty repair orders according to policy.


Skills required to perform principal/additional duties and responsibilities:
Achieving High Standards focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction, getting results, displaying
professionalism and maintaining awareness to details. This includes understanding the importance of
serving the customer and anticipating their needs, being a “self-starter”, consistently achieving or
exceeding goals, showing concern for all aspects of the job, monitoring activities over time and following
ethical standards set by the company.
Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need.
Working Effectively with Others focuses on valuing teamwork, listening, speaking and writing
effectively, and influencing customers. This includes being aware of the impact of one’s own behavior on
others, using active listening skills to demonstrate understanding and sensitivity, adjusting explanations
for different audiences to ensure understanding, expressing ideas clearly and organizing them in a logical
and concise form, and persuading others to change their opinion based on the information that one
Handling Pressure focuses on adapting to change, maintaining composure, resolving conflicts, and
multi-tasking. This includes the willingness and ability to change work practices or priorities in response
to changing conditions, maintaining performance under stress or opposition, maintaining quality while
shifting back and forth between two or more activities, remaining sensitive to time deadlines and conflict
situations, and settling disagreements by objectively analyzing viewpoints.
Managing Complexity focuses on planning and prioritizing, problem solving, and making decisions. This
includes re-evaluating priorities and re-organizing workload to meet demands, identifying problems,
determining relationship between “cause” and “effect” and examining information from different sources to
formulate the best course of action.
Applying the Basics focuses on referencing written information, applying basic math skills, using
computer systems, following and learning new procedures, maintaining awareness of and following safety
procedures, and troubleshooting problems. This includes understanding information gathered from
written text, diagrams and graphs, solving arithmetic problems, using computer systems to access and
input information, and being able to locate and identify problems encountered on the job.
Understanding and Using Business Knowledge focuses on applying technical knowledge, updating
necessary training and certifications, and using knowledge of dealership operations. This includes the
ability to apply the appropriate technical knowledge necessary to complete automotive repairs and
services. This involves understanding and applying appropriate technical knowledge and experience to
perform automotive services including maintenance, diagnosis and repair, and installation effectively
using dealership resources, such as tools, electronic and drive-ability equipment, to perform the job.
Other skills include assisting in controlling costs and executing dealership policies and procedures to
ensure customer loyalty.


– Minimum two years experience (four or more years preferred) in one or more of the following:
– Non-structural repair, restoring damaged components to pre-accident contours/fit/finish
– Structural repair, ability to accurately measure vehicle structure and return it to pre-accident
– Welding & cutting
– Grinding
– Priming
– Refinishing
– Estimating
– Plastic repair
– Mechanical & Electrical repair