Learn more about the new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla in Shreveport LA

November 23rd, 2022 by

Learn more about the new 2023 Toyota Corolla in Shreveport LA

Yokem Toyota – Learn more about the new 2023 GR Toyota Corolla in Shreveport LA

It’s finally here. The highly anticipated 2023 GR Corolla goes for a very low price of $34,900. It’s a new-wave hatchback that will transform how you think about hatchbacks. The model’s gorgeous side profile has a sophisticated sedan look, and the roofline angles like a coupe. Its front grille and hood could be any sporty sedan. And yet, when you look at it, it’s a hatchback all the way. If there’s such a thing as a glamour hatchback, this is it. Yokem Toyota in Shreveport LA, welcomes all customers just discovering the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla. Explore a hatchback with thrilling colors like Heavy Metal and Supersonic Red and enjoy the smooth drive provided by the GR Corolla’s 1.6L turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and 6-speed intelligent manual transmission. There’s a Morizo Edition that’s going to ramp things up to 300 horsepower and make you glad you discovered this model. Call or email us for the latest Yokem Toyota specials. Also serving Bossier City, Louisiana, and Texarkana, Arkansas.

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