Last but not least

Welcome! You have landed in Yokem Toyota’s Prize Puzzle.

You have a chance to win a LG 60 inch UK6090 series LED UHD with HDR 4K Smart TV.

All you need to do is email the answers first to all 6 riddles from the scavenger hunt to the address (YOKEMTOYOTASPRIZEPUZZLE@GMAIL.COM) and be awarded the TV above. If you are late to the party don’t worry. The 2nd, 3rd, 25th & 50th person to submit their information into the provided email will get a Amazon – Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa. There is no cost to enter but, only one email per winner… So, make it count!

All of the clues are located among the Louisiana Film Prize areas. Each clue is a QR Code (use your phone’s camera to scan it – push the screen to focus & it will show you a link). It will take you to a similar page like this but once you scroll down below, you will see the new clue. There are 6 riddles and each are needed to win the scavenger hunt!

Here are clues to the locations to find each riddle.

  • Go to the music co-op before they close their doors for good.
  • Go to the center of the of the European Sconce Wall Shelf… even if it is knocked over.
  • Go to the most common white fabric… pay attention to the corners.
  • Go to the carriage-dog breed of choice but, don’t get lost in the spots for the clue.
  • Go to the corner with the undressed mural and don’t just take the common approach.
  • Go to the ideal time regardless of your schedule and sing when you find the final clue.

RIDDLE 6 – “Abby Singer is where you stand looking for the final clue. We tease you with these hints because the man’s last name is all you need to win. He has been tried, judged, shot but has always been faithfully yours. 6 letters is all you need to finish it all with speed. Put it all in order & email it as quick as you can. Everyone is playing to win. So don’t miss a step and be lost in the wind.”